15 Fun DIY Advent Calendars for Kids!

15 Fun DIY Advent Calendars for Kids

15 amazing DIY Advent Calendars with that extra-special touch of fun!

Weird title, right?

After all, in our house, the term advent calendar is pretty much synonymous with the word fun. But as we all know, there is fun, and then there is FUN! Bear with me…this will all soon make sense!

I have to say, one of the holiday must-dos that sneaks up on me every year is the Christmas Countdown. I always have these grand plans and loads of time, and then suddenly it is November 28th, and I am scrambling to put something together!

So in the spirit of keeping us all on track, I thought it would be fun to gather up a few of the amazing DIY advent calendars I’ve seen recently. The ones I am sharing with you here are incredibly fun and interactive!

Yes, it’s true that the little folks look forward to their advent calendars every day, regardless of what they find – be it a yummy treat or a fun activity for the day. But some calendars just add that little bit of something special.

So here they are – 20 of my favorite Christmas countdowns. I am pretty sure you will agree they go above and beyond in bringing a little extra joy to the wee ones!

Now, back to the whole ‘FUN’ thing…

Let’s begin!

This extraordinary advent calendar from Gingerbread Snowflakes is every child’s dream come true! Or at least The Littlest Helpers! The tutorial is fantastic, and while Pam uses Sculptamold for ease and speed, you can easily do this project the old-fashioned papier mache way!

You will want to get started o this one right away, though, if you are aiming for December 1st. Or you can always do the 12 days of Christmas this year, then save your little works of art for next year, giving you 11 months to finish up the missing 12!

I’ll be marking this one on the calendar to do next summer with The Littlest Helper!

DIY Mini Pinata Advent Calendar

Mini Pinata Advent Calender from Gingerbread Snowflakes

Next up is another original take on the piñata from Handmade Charlotte. While this one is not quite as long and involved a process as the first, it is every bit as special! The treats actually come cascading out by pulling a string! Imagine the giggles!!

DIY Piñata Advent Calendar Christmas Craft

DIY Piñata Advent Calendar from Handmade Charlotte

Now one thing I really do try to avoid is gender stereotyping. But I have a feeling there are a whole lot of (little boys in particular) out there who would be ecstatic to have something in the house they are actually allowed not only to punch, but to break!! Teal & Lime has a really thorough tutorial, and while this one will take a bit of time, there is no doubt your efforts will be rewarded!

DIY Advent Calendar Punch Game Christmas Craft

Punch Game Advent Calendar Tutorial from Teal & Lime

This one is a whole lot more simple that a lot of the other Countdowns on this post, but I would say every bit as fun! I suppose it is more of something to put into a calendar bu they…cute all the same! And besides, who doesn’t have loads of popsicle sticks hanging around just waiting to be quickly crafted into these little treasures?! The Crea Mama blog post is actually in Italian (I think!) but I think you crafty devils will figure out how to do this in a jiffy. Imagine how sweet it would be for the kids to unwrap a new little bundle of sticks every morning to put together!

DIY Puzzles for Advent Calendar Christmas Craft

DIY Puzzles for the Advent Calendar from Crea Mama

This post over at Frugal Fun for Boys actually has not one but 3 amazing Lego advent calendar ideas. I really wish I had seen this BEFORE I dropped all that money on the Lego Advent Calendar for The Littlest Helper (one of three she will do this year!)

DIY Lego Advent Calendar Ideas Christmas Activity

DIY Lego Advent Calendar Ideas from Frugal Fun For Boys

Being a little partial to Book Advent Calendars, this one from Enjoying Life with 4 Kids is one of my favorites. She has not only selected 24 terrific Christmas books for her kids to open, but teamed them up with a Christmas Movie, a Christmas craft or activity, and a yummy treat each day! Spectacular! What is particularly wonderful about this is that each of her 4 kids gets to have their own little piece of the countdown to open each day!

DIY Christmas Countdown with Books Craft

Our 25 Days of Christmas Countdown from Enjoying Life with 4 Kids

This one is just plain fun! In fact, we have something very similar planned using our very own Lunchbox Jokes! What little kid doesn`t like a good Knock Knock joke to use on everybody they see for the rest of the day?! The best part is Modern Parents Messy Kids has the whole thing ready to print out and hang up for you…quicker than Magic Elf Dust!

My kids are so into puns & knock-knock jokes they'll love this and minimal work for me to keep up with!

Advent Calendar with Jokes for Every Day from Modern Parents Messy Kids

This one is another truly amazing and creative Christmas Countdown. Not only can you print out the map over at Mothers Niche, but she will also provide blank clues, as well as the ones she has created. She charges a small fee for the clues, but hey…a bargain at any price! She also provides some really great ideas to go along with the map. Happy hunting!

DIY Printable Christmas Treasure Map Craft

Santa’s Treasure Hunt + Printable Christmas Treasure Map from Mother`s Niche

If you already have a chalkboard, great. And if you don`t, now might be a great time to make one! The beauty of this countdown from Thistlewood Farms is that it can even tie in with your other Christmas Crafting. Wouldn’t it be fun to work on creating a variety of ornaments in the months and weeks before December 1st. Maybe as a way of getting some of your Christmas gifts ready to go! Then the Littles can hang their handy work up to display until the Countdown begins.


Chalkboard Advent Calendar from Thistlewood Farms

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I have ever met a kid that didn’t love felt boards. Imagine how much fun would be had with this gorgeous felt Nativity Advent Calendar from Cutesy Crafts. She has even included templates you can use. I think this one might make an appearance at our house sooner than later, since she has made it so simple!

DIY Nativity Felt Board Advent Calendar Craft

Nativity Advent from Cutesy Crafts

This is a lovely little Countdown for those a little tight on space! It doubles as both an Advent Calendar and a garland for your Christmas tree, and it all fits in a tidy little jar! Poppytalk not only provides a great tutorial for it, but also free printables to make it quick and simple.

DIY Advent in a Jar Christnas Craft

DIY: Advent in a Jar from Poppytalk

This little beauty from Powerful Mothering is perfect for the little ones! What fun for them to knock it down and rebuild it over and over again! It is printable from your own home, and quick and easy to put together. Also very well thought out – with a quick spin of the box, the date disappears but the tree remains!  This one can easily be done at the last minute.

DIY Boxes Advent Calendar with Free Printable from PowerfulMothering.com

DIY Boxes Advent Calendar from Powerful Mothering

The Sweet Life has a whole new take on Christmas Crackers. This one would be great fun for the kids to help put together, and looks really impressive once it is up on the wall!

Christmas Countdown created by The Sweet Life

Our Countdown to Christmas from The Sweet Life

This wild and crazy idea from A Bubbly Life just simply makes me smile. We did a similar fridge magnet craft a few years ago using these little animals and it was a lot of fun. I see this as being a great calendar to get those tweens and teens involved!

DIY Advent Calendar Craft

DIY Advent Calendar from A Bubbly Life

This one, from The Dating Divas, I saved for last. It is special in a lots of ways, including the fact that it`s not really one for the kids, but one for your sweetie, aaaand it`s a 12 Days of Christmas Countdown. But with a little imagination, it wouldn’t be difficult to adapt it to your needs! And besides, the kids can`t have ALL the fun!!

DIY Christmas Countdown Craft for your Spouse

The Punch Poster: 12 Days of Christmas from The Dating Divas

I hope you all enjoy ed this little roundup of amazing Advent Calendars for Kids. If you decide to use any of them, come on back and let me know!!

And in the meantime, tell me…what is the ‘funnest’ Christmas Countdown you ever had?

15 Fun DIY Christmas Countdowns

15 Fun DIY Advent Calendars for Kids! || Letters from Santa

Let us know what you think!